Stonewood Village Shops

Stonewood Village

History of Stonewood Village, Brookfield, Wisconsin

Stonewood Village opened as a unique shopping and business community in Brookfield, Wis. The eight-acre village was developed in 1977 from a farm that occupied the site along Capitol Drive since the 1860s. 

Two buildings at Stonewood Village remain from the farm days -- the farmhouse, built in 1864, and the barn, built in 1867. Both remain among the few original farmhouses and barns in Brookfield, which was transformed into a residential, shopping and office community of suburban Milwaukee. The property was once the farm of Nathan Hatch, a Revolutionary War soldier who is buried at Oakhill Cemetery on Brookfield Road, not far from Stonewood Village.

Along with those original buildings, Stonewood Village includes seven other buildings developed in a Williamsburg style and positioned to give the property a true village atmosphere, with walkways and a public square.

Stonewood Village long has been associated with businesses catering to weddings. While that tradition continues today with a group of businesses operating under the Wedding Center Pros banner, there are numerous other businesses at the center.